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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get some ideas and answers on your next painting project.

What is a Licensed Contractor?

“Licensed” means a business license issued by the city you are doing business in. “Insured” should mean the contractor has general liability insurance to protect the business and the homeowner. The cheapest, bare minimum coverage is rarely a good move for either party. Some contractors believe that having car insurance entitles them to say they have “insurance”.

What kind of paint is used?

We only use top of the line paints and primers for our customers. We use Sherwin Williams as our exclusive brand. Since types of paint being used in homes and requirements differ. We would have to evaluate your home and see what your specific needs are. Speak to our professional contractors to find out more.

I have oil based paint on my trim now, can I switch to latex?

Yes. However there are steps that need to be taken in order to achieve a successful job. Only use a contractor who has experience with these steps and one who is willing to explain the proper procedures to you.

How can I get an estimate?

You may either contact us or use our request an estimate link.

I have received a number of estimates from different painting contractors. There seems to be a wide variance in prices. Why is that?

There are many good painting contractors to choose from.  What you will normally find is that the established companies are usually close in price. However at times you will get an estimate that is a lot lower than others.  You may get one that seems excessively high. There could be many factors here. Is the company insured and licensed?  Do the painters work for the company therefore being subject to all of the additional payroll expenses?

There are so many brands of paint. Which one should I use?

The old saying “You only get what you pay for.” is especially true with paint. Discuss with your professional paint contractor or your paint store. This will help to determine the best product for your needs. Remember that the paint is only part of the job. It is always the best decision to use the best products when possible.

Do you offer advice for house painting color options?

Yes, our painting contractors offer expert advice on what painting colors to choose and allow clients to make the final choice. Customers may also have the option to test sample house painting colors on their walls.

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