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Six Ways to Perk Up Your Porch with Exterior Paint

Need some fun, simple, and affordable ideas on how to make your porch more inviting for the summer months? All you need is some exterior house paint.


The Hottest Interior Paint Colors for Summer 2016

Are you craving colors that evoke cool balmy breezes, beachside resorts, and lazy summer afternoons?

If so, check out these summer trends that will help your mind drift away to your favorite summer getaway without ever leaving home:

How to Brighten Up Your Home with Paint Colors

Is that drab, dark room getting you down as winter drags on and thoughts of spring and brighter days dance in your head?
Perhaps you painted a room the wrong shade of gray. Or you have a room with few or no windows like a basement, hallway, or laundry room. Rooms that face north with no direct sunlight can also present special challenges.

So how do you lighten up your house and celebrate the coming of spring that’s just around the bend? One of the easiest ways is with the right paint colors.


House Painting Color Trends in 2016

We’ve started a new year when many paint manufacturers and designers reveal their top picks for house painting color trends in 2016.

What shades do they think you should spend your hard-earned cash on this year? One emerging trend may surprise you.


Five Fun Projects with Leftover Paint Samples

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

After admiring a friend’s house, you decide your home needs a new paint job to look fresh and modern. Gray seems like a great neutral that will look good with your dark wood floors. When you get to the paint store, the gazillion shades are confusing, so you purchase five mini paint samples to try out.


Painting a Wood or Concrete Floor

Is your concrete floor stained or just plain boring? Or do you have wood floors that are worn, stained, or splintered?
If so, painting just might be the perfect solution for floors that have seen better days.


Must Have Painting Tools of 2015

What’s the ticket to a successful painting project?  The right tools!  To help you eliminate multiple frustrating trips to the hardware store for supplies, here are the must have painting tools you’ll need before you start painting:


Top House Color Trends for 2015

We’re starting another new year which makes this the perfect time for some new and exciting changes. Why not start with your home? One of the boldest, quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to make a dramatic change in your living space is with color.


Preparing Your House for Exterior Paint

Late spring and early summer is the ideal time to paint the exterior of a home. Before you pick up a paintbrush, however, it’s important to realize that half the job is not painting. In fact, scraping tools are just as important as paint brushes.  Preparing your house before applying exterior paint is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a beautiful coat.


Interior Paint Colors Inspired by Summer

With summer just around the corner, wouldn’t you like to celebrate by painting your house colors that remind you of blue skies, sunny afternoons, and carefree days at the beach?
If so, here are a few tips to help you capture the essence of this summer season with up-to-date colors guaranteed to cheer you up and energize rooms all year round.