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Five Fun Projects with Leftover Paint Samples

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

After admiring a friend’s house, you decide your home needs a new paint job to look fresh and modern. Gray seems like a great neutral that will look good with your dark wood floors. When you get to the paint store, the gazillion shades are confusing, so you purchase five mini paint samples to try out.

After splashing the various shades on the wall, you’re still not satisfied. Maybe the coastal chic look will look better. So you purchase five more mini paint samples of blues and greens that remind you of sea glass. They look pretty good, but maybe just one more trip to the paint store for a few more samples just to be sure.

Been there, done that? If so, what can you do with all that leftover sample paint?

Here are five fabulous and easy DIY projects that will help inspire you to use all those samples left over from your last painting project:

Spruce Up Some Furniture

Rehab and recycle old furniture. Look around your house or at flea markets and yard sales for old wooden rocking chairs, coffee tables, stools, vintage bureaus, or armoires that could use some loving care and a splash of color to add instant personality to a room.

Paint Some Accent Pieces

Get creative and use that leftover paint on a wooden tray, wine rack, or mail sorter. Or how about painting several picture frames in all the various shades you didn’t choose as an eye-catching focal point?

Craft Some Art

This isn’t as hard as you might think. Take some of those coastal colors I mentioned earlier in this article and paint horizontal lines of colors in soothing and peaceful colors on a canvas to remind you of the beach. Or if you have some artistic skills, you can even try painting a mural.

Create Small Splashes of Color

If you want small accents of colors, paint each spindle of a chair or the edge of each book shelf a different shade of color. Or paint the inside of a cabinet or closet for an unexpected and fun pop of color when opened. Smaller items like lamps or coasters can be painted in bright colors that were perhaps too bold for a whole room but work wonderful on small decorative pieces.

Use For Stencils

Sure, you can stencil a wall, but don’t stop there. Painting and stenciling planters and flower pots can also be a fun family weekend project. Or use the leftover paint samples along with some stencils to label canvas containers so your kids know where to put their toys.

Those are five ideas to get you started. Think outside the box and I’m sure you can come up with more. So what are you waiting for? Have some fun and make good use of all those paint samples! You’ll not only help your budget, but the environment as well.

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