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Are you craving colors that evoke cool balmy breezes, beachside resorts, and lazy summer afternoons?

If so, check out these summer trends that will help your mind drift away to your favorite summer getaway without ever leaving home:

Try a Pale Aqua Green

Think of the pale green of summer meadows, sugar snap peas at a farmer’s market, or an ocean so clear you can see your toes in the sand. This calming paint color is sure to remind you of nature, fresh air, and carefree days.


Go Natural

Use warm neutral paint such as soothing shades of off-white, cream, or taupe to remind you of driftwood and warm sand dunes. These neutral colors allow you to use bold accent colors and fun summer accessories in your décor. Add natural elements like a bamboo mirror, a jar of sea shells, and wood blinds.


Pretend You Live in Florida

he Florida coastline is filled with bright surprising colors that bring instant joy and delight. Visualize the perky pink of bougainvillea or the cheerful green of a palm frond. If you’re feeling especially bold, try a sunny exotic yellow, the bright orange found in a sunset, or a fun lime green that reminds you of sipping an ice cold apple martini on a veranda.



Live in Lavender

Why not paint a room a soothing lavender, the color you would find in a summer evening sky or flowers like lilac, lupine, or iris? Benjamin Moore’s Persian Violet is a color you may want to check out. During the day, the color takes on a warm purple. As the sun fades, the paint transforms into a gorgeous shade of blue.

Be Classic with Beachy Blues

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the classic coastal colors of blue. You can choose from a wide range of hues. Bright turquoise is a current favorite, classic blue and white never fails, and a deep indigo is the perfect rich shade of blue. Or choose the palest, softest shade of blue for an ethereal, calm, dreamy feeling of floating in the clouds.



So, go ahead and get started. Celebrate the season with vibrant and energized hues you would find in a touristy beach town or cool colors that remind you of a calm breezy day. Whatever paint you choose, summer is the perfect time to try out a fresh new color in your home.

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