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With summer just around the corner, wouldn’t you like to celebrate by painting your house colors that remind you of blue skies, sunny afternoons, and carefree days at the beach?
If so, here are a few tips to help you capture the essence of this summer season with up-to-date colors guaranteed to cheer you up and energize rooms all year round.

Ocean Colors

Coastal chic is a popular trend this year. A soft, subtle shade of blue has a soothing, ethereal presence that will remind you of watching waves breaking on the shore. Pale aqua green, turquoise blue, or sea glass paints can also evoke a coastal feeling. Or capture the darkest depths of the sea with a deep, rich gray. Navy is one of the hottest new neutrals in the fashion world and can be used on an accent wall for a nautical theme. If you’re feeling more adventurous, a warm coral will conjure up a tropical vibe.

Sunny Colors

Yellow instantly brightens any room and can inspire feelings of joy and happiness. Pair it with a soft neutral like gray or white and paint stripes for an elegant look. Soft and subdued, this color is often used in kitchens to create a calm, quiet place to begin the morning. However, yellow doesn’t have to be mellow. The right shade can be dramatic, daring and surprisingly sophisticated. Try an acidy, hip yellow green for an exotic color you might see on a tropical island or citron yellow with dark floors to pack a punch.

Citrus Colors

Citrus colors will instantly remind you of Florida sunshine and offer a tangy twist on home decorating. Try a hint of lime, a lemony yellow, or a tangerine hue to completely transform a room. Brave of heart? Bright and cheery orange will remind you of refreshing cold juice or sherbet ice cream on a hot summer day or try the deep red of gorgeous blood oranges.

Sky Colors

If you’re searching for tranquility, you can’t go wrong with paint colors that take a hint from the sky and clouds. A soft pale dreamy blue or cloud white on your walls or ceilings will make a room feel like the fresh outdoors. If you crave more color, why not take inspiration from an ocean sunset which offers spectacular and vibrant color palettes? Colors range from twilight violet and blue to vivid shades of red and orange.

Garden Colors

What could be more beautiful than the colors of a blossoming morning glory or a fresh pale green leaf? Step into the summer garden for some inspiration. How about a fresh apricot or peach color? Or try a warm luminous green reminiscent of sugar snap peas at a farmer’s market or bright lush blades of grass on a sunny day. Paints mimicking soothing lavender, lilac, or lupine or bright poppies that bloom in a rainbow of colors will remind you of summer flowers all year round.
Splash some of these invigorating colors on your walls and you can enjoy the colors of summer even when you’re inside the house. If you’re feeling a bit timid, a professional painter can help you select summer colors that match your décor as well as your personality.

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