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Must Have Painting Tools of 2015

What’s the ticket to a successful painting project?  The right tools!  To help you eliminate multiple frustrating trips to the hardware store for supplies, here are the must have painting tools you’ll need before you start painting:

Prep Tools

  • A putty knife to help you fill nail holes or openings in molding and frames.
  • Sandpaper to smooth repaired walls.
  • A scraper to apply and smooth wall compound or remove old paint and wallpaper.
  • Painter’s tape to protect windows and trims.
  • A drop cloth to protect floors and furnishings from paint.
  • A ladder for hard to reach places.
  • A paint can opener to get you started.
  • Some free stir sticks you can grab when you buy your paint. You’ll need these to stir the paint before you start as well as during the painting process to keep the color evenly mixed.
  • Have a wash bucket, shop vacuum, and paint remover on hand for clean-up and any mishaps.


A roller is a must-have to paint large surfaces. A mini roller makes it easy to paint small areas and tight corners. If you have a large painting project, a roller that holds paint in the handle that can be released with a trigger can save you time and effort.
A roller tray is necessary to hold the paint that will be applied with a roller. Look for sturdy construction with a deep well.
An extension handle for your roller is essential to paint high walls and ceilings.


You’ll need paintbrushes for areas that are too tight for rollers such as ceiling lines, corners, and along baseboards and trim. The two paintbrushes you cannot live without are a 3-iinch flat brush for painting larger areas and a 1 ½ inch brush for detail work. Select brush handles that feel right in your hand and purchase the best quality brushes you can afford.
An angled brush is great for painting door and window frames, moldings, and other areas where you need control and precision.
An artist’s brush or small household brush you may already have around the house can be handy for small detail work.

Trim Guide

Accubrush Edge Painting Tool
A trim guide is useful for painting trim edges against walls and around windows and doors. It can also protect carpet when painting baseboards.  If you want to splurge a little, the Accubrush edge-painting tool can help you paint perfectly straight lines along ceilings and moldings with just a bit of practice.

We hoped this article about the must have painting tools of 2015 has helped inspire you to start your next home painting project.

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