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Wood Rot Repair

Dry-rot, Wood Rot Repair, & Water/Pest Damage Repair

When it comes to wood rot repair, we fix it right so you don’t have to worry.

Wood rot and dry rot are caused by fungi that grow on damp wood. This causes the wood to become crumbly or spongy as the fungi spreading through the wood digest it.

Typical points for dry rot to occur include exterior areas of your home such as decks or siding. Interior areas tend to be bathrooms or kitchens where a leaky pipe can cause persistent damp spots.

If you find dry rot in your home, you may be able to correct it yourself at a low cost, if the damage is not too extensive. Otherwise you may need to hire a professional to make the necessary repairs. Cost can vary greatly depending on the amount of work needed.

Window sill frame wood rot repair.

Wood rot in window sills and frames is a common problem. As water leaks in around the paint/caulk, heat from the sun warms creates a perfect environment for rot fungi. As the fungus spreads, it deteriorates the wood and can cause severe visual and structural damage to the window sash and frame.

Whether your windows have minor or severe wood rot issues, we have you covered.  Our repair technicians are experts in replacing, repairing or rebuilding your rotted wood windows. Others use epoxy or hardened wood putties to patch the problem, this is just a short term fix to an internal wood rot problem. We prefer to remove unwanted wood rot and replace it with new wood for a lasting repair.