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Top House Color Trends for 2015

We’re starting another new year which makes this the perfect time for some new and exciting changes. Why not start with your home? One of the boldest, quickest, easiest, and least expensive ways to make a dramatic change in your living space is with color.

In the past, eggshell white was the standard for homes, then homeowners began switching to various shades of beiges. People have moved on since then to incorporate a wide variety of colors. So what’s popular, up-to-date, and chic for 2015?

If your house has a case of the doldrums and you’re ready for a fresh start, here’s what trending this year to give you some colorful ideas:

Feeling Neutral?

The trend for gray as the new, hot neutral continues into 2015. Soft gray walls, pale grayish-white ceilings, and dark charcoal provide a perfect backdrop for any palette – whether you choose pastels, vibrant colors, or a mixture of patterns and textures into your décor. Another new neutral that Benjamin Moore chose as its 2015 Color of the Year is Guilford green – a silvery green that works well with any color.

Feeling Bold?

If you prefer bright and beautiful, new options abound in 2015. The rich blue of the Mediterranean paired with grey or white will look ultra-modern and fabulous in a dining room. Or you could choose a stylish citrusy green or deep plumb. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a mustard yellow for an eye-popping place perfect for lively conversations and parties.

Feeling Nostalgic?

Are you a fan of Mad Men? The retro palette of the 60s is making a comeback. Olive green is one of the new hot colors. The shade is warm and organic and can serve as a neutral with a variety of colors. How about adding a pop of orange or a splash of bright brown into the décor. Now that’s groovy! If you consider the 80s as your decade, the good news is that pastel colors, such as palm greens and even flamingo pinks, are also making a return in 2015.

Feeling Blue?

As mentioned above, Mediterranean blue will be popular in 2015, but other shades of the color, such as cool pool blue, indigo blue, deep navy, or charcoal blue, will also be staples in home design this year. Combined with warm earth tones to remind you of the sand and sea, these colors can bring a sense of calm and peace and be used in any room of the house.

Feeling Classic?

The trend for 2015 is pairing classic colors with unexpected, bold accents. For example, use gray as a neutral and add a splash of traditional red or a bright, saturated blue. Or maybe you’ll want to try out Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, a robust color reminiscent of earthy red wine.

So now that you know what’s in, what’s out? According to some design experts, coral, purple, and teal are so 2014 and have seen their day. Also, expect to see solid accent walls fade away as wallpaper and textured wall coverings take the stage in 2015.
So go ahead, now you’re ready to paint your house in up-to-date, fashionable colors. After all, color trends aren’t just for the runways!

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